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Update on Snowden’s Guardian Angels

Get the latest updates on Snowden’s Guardian Angels and their claims in Hong Kong and Canada as described by their Hong Kong lawyer Robert Tibbo in a recent interview on Sputnik News Scotland:...

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News Roundup – January 5, 2018

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News Roundup – October 2017

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Une entrevue intéressante avec Vanessa Rodel, qui maintient son support pour Snowden. Malgré ce qui lui arrive, elle ne regrette rien. Aidez-nous à offrir une maison à Vanessa et à sa fille au Canada. Donnez généreusement à For The Refugees

Vanessa is one of the generous souls who opened her arms to a complete stranger despite having very little to her name. Now Snowden's guardian angels' lives are at risk and they need our help. Learn more about Vanessa and her family, and you can help here:

On this Valentine's Day, please spare a moment to think about the generous families with very little to their name who have helped Snowden back in 2013 and are now facing retaliation. Learn more about them and on how you can help here:

Hong Kong is targeting these seven refugees, including three stateless children under 6, for their role in sheltering @Snowden. More coverage, this time from Sputnik Radio:

More coverage of our press conference in Hong Kong. The Snowden refugees are being targeted and must be brought to safety.

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